Welcome To DopeArk
Welcome To DopeArk

server rules And configuration

Server Settings

  • Max Wild Primal Fear dino lvl ~ 150   
  • Dino lvls after tame = 249  
  • Harvest = x100  
  • Taming = x50  
  • Xp = x10 
  • Egg Hatch Speed = x50
  • Baby Maturation Speed = x30
  • Wipes Every 2 Weeks!

Our Mod Pack

Server Rules

  1. No impersonating other tribes or players doing this will result in severe punishment 
  2. Using any kind of Glitch (such as shooting through walls, using the fire breath attack through walls,glitching under the mesh etc...) in any of the mods present on the server to gain a pvp advantage will result in severe punishment  
  3. No inside raiding (The Act Of joining A Tribe For The Sole Reason Of Doing Them Harm EX. Stealing Their Resources/Dinos And Leaving/Wiping Them) 
  4. No Hate speech 

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