Welcome To DopeArk
Welcome To DopeArk

Events,Quests,custom ingame shop,custom plugins and much more!

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why choose DopeARk ?

The Only Fair Modded PVP


 The Best Pvp Experience You Can Have On A Modded Server: Here At DopeArk We Care About Fair Pvp And Because Of This We Put Very Hard Work Into Properly Balancing Both Primal Fear And Annunaki For Fair Pvp (everything From Making Custom Plugins To Removing Some Op Items) 

Beach BoB Protection


 All New Players Will Get Automatically Protected From Structure Damage For 48 Hours, We Do Not Care When You Join As Long As You're New You're Protected (all This Is Done Automagically) 

Active Admins


 The Admins Of This Server (unlike Many Other Servers) Actually Care For This Network And We Put In Long And Hard Work To Make It Better. We're Always Online Trying To Help Players And Improve The Server!  


Check Out Our Awesome Trailer, Demonstrating Some Of Our Best Gameplay Features.